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Friday, July 14, 2006

KB's Little Crisis

Dear little KB decided to start her own blog... but knowing her, she likes to rush into something new without stopping and looking! So she's stuck at the moment and I've come in to rescue!

So KB... although I could contribute to your blog, I can't change the setting... Let me know what you want to be done... and I'll give you one to one tuition if you want! At a price! 1 JD and Coke for the tutorial! *wink*

First tutorial...
You could change your posting time. While you're writing your blog or editing, at the bottom of the box there's 'Post and Comment Options'. Click on that and change the date and time.

Alternatively, you could change the time of your whole blog on the settings tab.

End of tutorial...

I think I will have a separate header for your link on my blog... I'll call it 'The Insane Ones'... and you'll be first on the list!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

I am new to all this, so don't really know what will happen once I 'Publish Post' - will all my works go into my flash chosen design? Let's try it.